Quran Classes Resuming

As ramadhan is now over we are resuming quran classes for children. For the latest info on times, please refer to this page

Ramadhan Kareem

We wish you all a blessed Ramadhan and pray for your success in this life and the next. Throughout Ramadhan we will be offering taraweeh salah straight after salatul Isha insha’Allah. Please keep an eye on the the website for the latest prayer times. There are also facilities for women to pray taraweeh as well. […]

New Website

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته We are delighted to announce that the Assahaba Centre has launched its new website. With this updated platform, we aim to better serve our community and provide easy access to information about our programs, events, and services. As part of our efforts to enhance communication, we have also introduced a […]

Quran Classes

Quran classes for children will resume on Sunday 21st April at 17:00 إن شاء الله

Building Renovations

We are currently collecting money to renovate the purchased building and build a first floor to accommodate the increasing number of our community.